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Kent Boone wrote a comment on March 1, 2007

If were a Georgetown player and coach I would be watching MASN Channel 102…Good fundamental, consistent TEAM play…pg Joey Brown seeing the whole floor with great peripheral vision…Man, Jessie and Jonathan should be watching Joey Brown’s leadership and great pg team play…nice bounce passes in the post…GIVE ROY THE BALL!!!!…You have no choice…Roy is leader, and Jeff is our horse…everyone else do ur thang…I love writing about my team especially when I’m just being and stating my opinion…Man, when we go away from team play it gets real nasty out there…that was big time proof, and I knew it would come back on us because although we 11 in a row the last three we struggled although got the press he wanted, we went away from Roy…Roy knows whats going on, but he is a very patient person…better him than me because I’ll be out there like gimme the ball…