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So it turns out, that all of us here at BigEastHoops have jobs. Crazy, huh? So if you’d like to comment on any of the current Big East games before we’ve gotten around to it, then here’s the spot. This is the place for banter on any Big East game. Come one, come all.

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Dan'l B wrote a comment on December 5, 2006

The Jimmy V classic tonight…I like Syracuse’s chances in a close one. Beating Arizona might be a tall order for the Cardinals.

Dan'l B wrote a comment on December 6, 2006

Tough to watch Cuse last night. Paul Harris looks like he’s got skills but doesn’t mesh well at all yet.

Dan'l B wrote a comment on December 7, 2006

Harangody with the 3-point play baby! Back to 11!

Big Willie Style wrote a comment on December 8, 2006

It’s nice to see you cheering for the Irish. Makes a man feel all warm inside.

John wrote a comment on December 17, 2006

Just got back from the UConn- St mary’s game…a couple observations……. Mandeldove looked great blocking 4 shots and plays MUCH better defense than Thabeet….. Speaking of Thabeet…he missed 2 dunks!!!!……. Needs a lot of work…..

Jerome Dyson is the real deal, very explosive to the hoop, very quick……. Doug Wiggins is fun to watch, good shooter but is so fast he cant keep up with himself……..

Stanley Robinson didnt play much….. Dont know why….. He’s not hurt……

Jeff Adrien is a REAL HORSE inside….. The whole team hustles all the time, a lot of fun to watch, not like last year when they didnt want pro scouts to see them get their uniform wrinkled by diving on the floor for loose balls…..

Teams with a physical front line will do some damage on the Huskies….They’re big but not real physical

Dan'l B wrote a comment on December 21, 2006

Based on how they’ve played, OSU should beat Pitt by 5-6 points tonight. It looks even worse if you consider each teams’ last 5 games. Pitt has been struggling and has performed below even NIT standards while OSU has looked like a Top 25 team.

Yet I look forward to seeing a Pitt victory tonight. I think the numbers are wrong about the Panthers, and I have a good feeling about this one.

Dan'l B wrote a comment on December 21, 2006

Double OT and Pitt is trying to foul in the last 30 seconds…and they call an intentional foul?! Apparently Eaton is auditioning for the NBA and Hollywood. As long as the NCAA treats last minute fouls as a legitimate strategy — and I have no problem with that — the officials need to be very reluctant to make this call.

There seems to be a crucial piece missing for Pitt.

John O wrote a comment on December 23, 2006

Some simulations on College Hoops 2k7 for Big East games today (sat Dec 23)
NC State 64 Cincinnati 45
Cal 76 DePaul 54
Georgetown 63 Navy 51
Louisville 55 Miami (Fl) 51
Pitt 73 Dayton 49
Penn 63 Seton Hall 53
St. John’s 55 Columbia 53
Villanova 80 LaSalle 57

John O. wrote a comment on January 18, 2007


Watched ND-Nova last night….sure is toughto win a game on the road….. Nova killed ND on the boards and shot extremely well…. Looks like they may be coming on with a great performance by Reynolds at the point.

Carter and Sumpter had a real duel….. It was enjoyable but if teams score over 100 ND doesn’t have a chance.

Jim B wrote a comment on January 22, 2007

John O is absolutely right on in everything. Good observation since I was sitting right next to him at the rockin’ Civic Center. There is also one other thing that the huskies need. They need to stop looking at the bench when they miss a shot wondering whether on not they are going to get the hook. A scorer is a shooter. You miss some and you make some. If you miss a couple and get the hook or never try again because you are afraid of getting the hook then you will always make that extra unneeded pass. How many times did they have an open three, and then give a head fake to a defender that was 6 feet from them to step around and pass the ball off. Or worse take nearly the same shot from within the line. John O was kidding me on the way home about how much I hated that when Albert Mouring took over that year as the guard and never shot. Shoot the damn ball Albie was what I was yelling that year. I have no idea who to yell that to this year. Someone please step up and become a shooter.

John O. wrote a comment on January 22, 2007

Shoot the damn ball Jerome……… er Stanley ………. Dougie …….. A.J ………… Marcus…………

Anybody…. Yeah , he’s a Hall of Fame coach but his hook is much too quick (except for Thabeet)

SOMEBODY!!!!!! Keep on shooting

If you shoot it ………. It will go !(Sounds like some movie quote)

John O wrote a comment on January 22, 2007

So one part of the equation seems to be in …….. UConn must start looking toward next year. No offense, not a clue how to run an offense against a 2-3 zone. Way too many turnovers….. Foul Shooting is simply embarrassing.

Louisville caught a break tonight. They played a less than mediocre game against an overmatched team, and won. Keeps them in the hunt.