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Debunking “experts”, disturbing trends

March 20, 2008 11:30 am by donald

When it comes to NCAA Tournament selection, there are no experts. Dick Vitale — he’s no expert. Jay Bilas — he’s no expert. Pat Forde…again, no expert. Big Willie…certainly not an expert.

Year in and year out, though, we hear the same talking heads on ESPN, giving us the “breakdown” of games and espousing “bracketology.” It’s mostly a bunch of nonsense. I’m not saying these people don’t know what they’re talking about — I love to hear Jay Bilas break down the intracacies of a game and enjoy hearing ex-coaches expose a bit of what goes on behind the scene, but I think a significant component of what happens in the NCAAs is random. Over a long enough run, I would bet that nobody beats picking higher seeds in a statistically significant way.

This is partly why it angers/saddens me that SportsCenter, a show I used to absolutely love, looks more like “The View” than a sports highlight show. Show us the highlights in a half hour. We watch because of the athletes and the game, not because of Stephen A. Smith. pundit’s Final Four predictions

November 10, 2006 5:36 pm by Dan'l B expert Final Four predictions

Little love for the Big East with only Pittsburgh among the Final Four predictions (twice) and Marquette’s Dominic James among the All-American first-teamers (four times). Kudos to Mark Schlabach for going out on a limb by picking Kansas to win the championship. They were only the fourth-most common Final Four pick. Every other ESpundit picked either Florida or UNC.

Bilas: All-Access at Georgetown

12:31 pm by Dan'l B

All-Access: JT3 creating own image for Hoyas 

3. Guard play will determine just how good the Hoyas are this season. Jonathan Wallace, the junior from Alabama who originally was supposed to go to Princeton to play for JT3 but came to Georgetown with no promise of a scholarship or playing time, will be the Hoyas best and most reliable guard. Wallace knows how to play, and is a steadying influence. Along with Wallace, Georgetown has sophomore Jessie Sapp and junior Tyler Crawford to take up slack in the backcourt, and freshmen Jeremiah Rivers, the son of Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers, is a really good prospect that will play right away. Add in swing players Octavius Spann and DaJuan Summers and the Hoyas should have some real depth. Georgetown is a work in progress, but I really like the pieces that JT3 has to work with.

It’s no shock that Bilas is taking the Hoyas’ Green-led frontcourt for granted.