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Weekend Picks

January 28, 2012 11:26 am by Coach O

This weekend has some intersesting games to pick. With the way the league has been unfolding this year no pick is a safe one but we will try to shed some light on the games today and Sunday.

West Virginia @ Syracuse

The Orange rebounded nicely from their loss to ND last weekend with a win over Cincinnati. The Mountaineers were routed by St. John’s at the Garden on Wednesday. Go with the Orange to take this one at home.

Georgetown @ Pitt

Although Pitt was able to pull out their first BigEast win against Providence and look better with Trey Woodall scoring 17, the Hoyas have been very consistent this year and will edge the Panthers in this one. If GTown can force Pitt to be careless with the ball they may have an easy win here.

Louisville @ Seton Hall

The Hall has been determined to fire up too many 3′s and cut Herb Pope out of their offensive plan. Pope seemed to lose interest against Notre Dame Wednesday and fouled out with 3 points. Louisville was able to hang on in a tough game against Villanova. The Cardinals will prevail in this one.

Marquette @ Villanova

Nova has been getting better and gave Louisville all they could handle for 30 plus minutes this past week. They should be tough at home but Marquette is on a roll and should be able to pull this one out. Look for Jouhnson-Odom and Crowder to overpower the Cats in a tight contest.

Cincinnati @ Rutgers Cincinnati is coming off 2 losses in a row but Rutgers lost to DePaul Wednesday night after leading for most of the game. Even though the Knights are tough at home they may not be able to stay with the Bearcats in this one. Look for Yancy Gates to have a monster game against Biruta and Cincinnati to take the victory here.

Notre Dame @ UConn

The Irish are coming off two big wins including the home victory over #1 Syracuse. The game against Seton Hall was ugly and the Irish jumped on the cold-shooting Pirates in the second half. ND has already lost to UConn at home and don’t figure to do much better here. If the Husky guards get into foul trouble the Irish have a chance. If not take the Huskies by 10 or so.

Providence @ USF The Friars are the worst team in the league. USF has been using outstanding defense to gather some wins including 5 of their last 7. USF will have much too much for the hapless Friars in Tampa.

Jerel McNeal

February 21, 2009 4:15 pm by Big Willie Style

There’s been a lot of League MVP talk surrounding DeJuan Blair after his performance last Monday against UConn, and rightfully so. He is very worthy, but I think that Jerel McNeal of Marquette deserves a look as well. He’s been tremendous all year, as he has the past few years. He also has been the difference maker in several of Marquette’s biggest games, including today’s victory at Georgetown. I know he’s part of a posse of Senior guards, however, he always seems to standout to me. Marquette’s remaining schedule in the Big East is a killer. McNeal will be on the national stage in every game, and we’ll all get to see how he fares. If he excels, I think he’s got a great case for MVP, especially if Marquette finishes atop the conference.

Syracuse or Georgetown?

December 30, 2008 10:57 pm by Big Willie Style

Both had impressive wins to start the Big East season. After the Hoyas dismantled #2 UConn the other night, the Orange fouled it up with an impressive 24 point victory against Seton Hall. While the Pirates are not as impressive as the Huskies, they’re not a total scrub, and have already defeated Virginia Tech and nationally ranked USC so far this year.

While most will be impressed with the Hoyas “upset” (although some disagree), give me the Orange right now. Routins scored 26 points, including 7-10 3 point shooting, and Devendorf had 20 himself. Don’t get me wrong, this is real close, but it’s always fun to compare the Orange and Hoyas. And for now, I think Syracuse has had the slightly more impressive start. As a bonus, we get to see this classic matchup in just about 15 days.

Big East Beatdown

December 29, 2008 9:25 pm by Big Willie Style

After one Big East game this season, we now know that we should not forget about the two time defending regular season champions. As ESPN announcer Jay Bilas said during the broadcast, “It isn’t shocking that Georgetown came into Hartford and won. What was shocking was the ease in which they did so.” And for that, he was exactly right. The Hoyas 11 point victory was about as smooth a victory you could imagine for an opponent facing a #2 ranked team in the conference opener.

For those of you who didn’t see the game, Georgetown opened with a 15-1 lead. The Huskies quickly climbed back in the first half cutting the lead to 4 and eventually trailing at halftime by 9. At the half the Hoyas were still in control, but a UConn victory would not have been surprising at all. The Huskies immediately closed the gap and the usual docile XL Center crowd finally made some noise. It appeared as if UConn would blow pass the Hoyas, however, the young Georgetown players remained calm, and their 2-3 zone eventually squeezed the life out of the UConn offense. Georgetown’s fantastic foul shooting helped the cruise to a victory in the opening Big East game of the year.

What do I take from this game?
-A good zone will stop UConn.
-Greg Monroe is a very impressive player, and is years ahead of Hasheem Thabeet.
-Georgetown’s bench is very weak. If you can get them in foul trouble, they’re very vulnerable.
-In order to win in postseason tournaments, UConn will have to be able to make outside shots.
-Chris Wright will be discussed in first team All-Big talks. Keep in mind, the 1st team is like, 10 players.
-Georgetown will be a very difficult team to to come back on. Thinking of their free throw shooting as if they have a good bullpen. Once they get a lead, they should be able to hang on to it and slam the door on their opponents, as they did tonight.
-In the Big East this year, if you show up with anything less than 100% energy, you’re going to get beat. I’m not knocking the UConn effort, I thought the players played very hard. However, they were clearly outworked by the Hoyas.
-JTIII is a better coach the Jim Calhoun. UConn has better recruiting, and better athletes. But G’town plays better basketball.

The Hoyas Are In!

March 25, 2007 6:50 pm by Big Willie Style


And they got in at the expense of the ACC. Could this possibly be any sweeter? I only caught the last 12 minutes of regulation and overtime, but what I saw was incredibly impressive. In the last 3 minutes of regulation and OT, Georgetown simply beat down on the Tar Heels. UNC is a very good team, and the Hoyas made them look bad. After North Carolina scored 50 by halftime (G’town only gives up 57 PPG), UNC scored 32 over the last 25 minutes. By that stat alone, the second half of this game was clearly a Big East controlled contest. One final point, before I let everyone else chip in; How nice is it to see McDonald’s All-Americans consistently get burned by back door cuts? I love it. So good luck next Staurday against Ohio State, and congrats again G’town fans. I think the Hoyas are good enough to win it all, and I hope they can do it.


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