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Marshon Brooks for MVP?

February 24, 2011 7:08 am by Big Willie Style

As the season draws to a close the league MVP talks always start up. Through January Kemba Walker was the favorite, however, as the Huskies have faded a bit, so has Walker’s chances. He may be the best individual player in this league, but there’s usually more than just that quality to an MVP award. Then of course there’s Ashton Gibbs. The best player on the best team always has some pull, but Pitt going undefeated during his injury absence hurts his chances. The two that have been steady throughout the course the entire season have been Ben Hansbrough and Austin Freeman. In most people’s minds, these are the two possible favorites to take home the award this year. They are very impressive players, with very impressive numbers on two good teams. Then we have the newcomers to the race. First being Mr. Excitement Dwight Hardy, who has made HUGE shots on the national stage against the toughest of opponents. His numbers are easily comparable with the rest, and the excitement of his play has many calling on him to be MVP. Finally, there’s Marshon Brooks. 52 points last night??!!!! He’s the league’s leading scorer and earlier this year he scored 43 against Georgetown. He has smashed the league’s all-time single game scoring record and yet, he’s on a terrible team that likely won’t factor in the postseason. Can the league’s most dominant offensive force really win an MVP award on a team that’s 3-12 in conference? The debate this year is a great one, and it seems to change by the day. One thing is for sure, the MVP is going to a guard this year.

As for now, here’s my Top 5 Candidates:

1. Ben Hansbrough – Still the leader after his over-shadowed 32 point game against Providence.
2. Austin Freeman – The league’s most consistent player.
3. Dwight Hardy – Brings too much excitement to the table to be left off this list.
4. Marshon Brooks – Didn’t have him on the list yesterday, but we cannot deny him the attention he has earned now.
5. Kemba Walker – In a choice between Walker and Gibbs to stay on this list, I go with the better player who has done more for his team this year.

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5 Responses to “Marshon Brooks for MVP?”

Coach O wrote a comment on February 24, 2011

I watched the ND-PC game last night and was totally amazed at what Brooks did. He made every possible type of shot…. usually with a man or two in his face. It wasn’t like he had many open looks. He was amazing!!!! Abromaitis has 17 points in the first 10 minutes and Hansbrough netted 32 in a great performance. In a usual postgame analysis the efforts of Hansbrough and Abromaitis (28 points) would have been the headliners of the game story seeing that ND won the game. But Marshon Brooks was phenominal. One of the greatest shooting performances I have ever seen. Brooks had 11 points in the last 50 seconds and threw up a three quarter court heave at the buzzer that I would not have been surprised had it gone in.

As far as the MOP picks…… I have the following.
1) Hansbrough – ND
2) Brooks – PC
3) Walker – UC
4) Freeman – GU
5) Hardy – SJU
6) Wanamaker – PITT
7) Gibbs – PITT
8) Jackson – SU
9) Fisher – NOVA
10) Siva – LOU

The one negative that came out of the game last night is that Carleton Scott injured his ankle late in the game and if he is out for an extended period the Irish will not be the same team without him.

donald wrote a comment on February 24, 2011

52 was a Big East record. All hail Marshon Brooks. And he did it efficiently: 20/28 from the field. That’s insane.

Do you guys know whose record he broke? Hint: Think early 90s star at Providence. Think undersized…

Big Willie Style wrote a comment on February 24, 2011

Ryan Gomes?

Big Willie Style wrote a comment on February 24, 2011

No, he wasn’t early 90s. How about Eric Murdock?

donald wrote a comment on February 24, 2011

Bingo. Good ‘ole Eric Murdock.