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The Correct Predictions For Week Six

January 31, 2011 6:40 pm by Big Willie Style

Enough! Enough with picking the wrong teams! Enough, I say!

I’m going to guarantee a double digit win rate this week. I’m going to guarantee this for three different reasons:

1. I’m not an idiot (at least I’m trying to prove that to myself)
2. I think some of the match-ups this week place weaker teams playing some of the top teams. This should make picks easier.
3. I’m due for a lucky streak. Ahhhhh, always the last thing one says before you put it all on black.

Well, here we go:


Tonight’s contest is probably the hardest of the week night games. I’m going to go with the Hoyas. I know I keep picking against the Cards and they keep winning. Well, I see a change this evening and I think Georgetown will vault itself back into the Big East’s elite group with a victory this evening.


Providence got beat on the road this weekend against Seton Hall, but upon their return trip home, the Friars will get it done against the Bulls.

UConn hosts Syracuse in a classic Big East tilt. I’ll go with the Huskies here against the struggling Orange. Cuse fans, I think I’ve picked the Orange in every game over the past two weeks. Perhaps that’ll cheer you up in anticipation of this one.

Villanova gets back on track at home against Marquette. The Golden Eagles don’t seem nearly as scary on the road and I can see an easy win for the Cats.

West Virginia will win this one on Tuesday evening against Seton Hall. These two teams are two fighting for that 11th NCAA bid from our conference and this win for the Mountaineers could go a long way come Selection Sunday.

St. John’s notched perhaps the conference’s biggest win on Sunday against Duke. I think they’ll continue their success at home against Rutgers. By the way, was anyone else watching the Red Storm dismantle Duke this weekend? Hopefully you got to see them in action, because it was probably the Red Storms most impressive game of the year.


Notre Dame should crush winless DePaul. Again, why is DePaul in this league? There’s so many other options that would boost basketball and football for the conference. Example – the University of Central Florida. Good football school, more Big East expansion into the Sunshine S, a recruiting hotbed, tate, and of course, two brothers named Jordan. Just sayin’.


Week One – 10-3
Week Two – 11-2
Week Three – 12-3
Week Four – 9-5
Week Five 7-7

Cheers, everyone!

Big East Bubble

January 30, 2011 3:11 pm by Big Willie Style

Who makes the NCAA Tournament from the best conference in college basketball?

IN unless Disaster Strikes

Notre Dame


West Virginia
St. John’s

11 teams? Sure, why not? And that’s not even including Providence or Seton Hall who have both had monster wins over the past week. Besides, who would be better than the Big East’s 11th best team? A 3rd team from the ACC? I think not.

Weekend Pix

January 29, 2011 10:28 am by Big Willie Style

A 5-3 week means that I’ll have to be close to perfect this weekend to chalk this up as a solid overall week. Although my confidence has been shaken over the past 10 days of predictions disaster, I think this could be a strong weekend.


UConn will continue their hot play as they move towards a possible National #1 ranking if this hot streak keeps up. The Huskies have been getting key contibutions from players other than Walker recently, which has actually made them a much more dangerous team. UConn are 3 point favorites, and I think they’ll cover today against Louisville.

Villanova are 6 point favorites this afternoon against the Hoyas at home. Although I believe they’ll win the game, I think this may be closer than the six points they are favored by. This game should come down to the final possessions, with Nova pulling it out by less than 6 points.

Syracuse is without question the league’s greatest mystery right now. Today’s trip to Marquette will be another tought one for them, and they’re 2.5 point underdogs. I trust in the Orange though and think they’ll win this game in the final moments. Take the Orange on the road in this one.

Pitt is coming off a home loss to the Irish and they are 8.5 point favorites on the road against the Scarlet Knights. I think they’ll win, and cover easily against Rutgers as the Panthers get back on track.

In a battle between two teams stuck in the middle of the Big East pack, Cincinnati are 3 point favorites at home against West Virginia. I like the Bearcats at home in this one. West Virginia plays pretty much everyone close, but I think the Bearcats will cover at home in an important victory for them.


Sunday’s only Big East game features two very interesting teams as Providence visits Seton Hall. Both teams are obviously hot right now and both are trying to move themselves up the rankings towards an NCAA birth. I’ll stick with the Friars on the road in this one. Although, truthfully, this game has me stuck and I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see the Pirates win at home either. Should be very entertaining though.

Week 5 Predictions

January 24, 2011 7:05 pm by Big Willie Style

The goal of Predictions is to bring you an accurate pick on at least 80% of the Big East Conference Game. This inside insight will help you look forward to the upcoming action and what results are likely to occur in and around the best conference in the country. Up until last week, cleared the 80% mark without a problem. However, after a 6-1 start, then came Saturday, a total disaster. In all, a 9-5 week has the dropped our total accuracy for the year at 76%. So we’ve got some work to do this week to get back to 80%


I can’t possibly imagine the Irish going into Pitt and winning tonight. The Panthers are 10.5 point favorites, and I think they may clear that mark easily. If this game were in South Bend, I’d give Notre Dame a real good chance to pull the upset, but not in Pittsburgh.


Syracuse will win over Seton Hall in a big way and I believe they will cover the 14 points they are favored by. After two straight losses for the Orange, there’s zero chance they drop this home game to the Pirates.

Marquette is a four point favorite at home tonight against the Huskies and I think this game is going to come down to the final few seconds, and in last second moments, I’ve learned to trust Kemba Walker. So I’ll take UConn to win the game outright.


Louisville still has to stunned after their loss to the Friars over the weekend. They’ll respond well and get a big win on the board against West Virginia.

Providence has already stunned the Cardinals. But they won’t be as fortunate against Villanova, who will win easily.

Georgetown will get a victory in a tough home game against St. John’s.

Cincinnati will win as well in their home game against Rutgers.


USF over DePaul. I guess someone is going to have to win this game.


Week One – 10-3
Week Two – 11-2
Week Three – 12-3
Week Four – 9-5

Weekend Selections

January 22, 2011 11:13 am by Big Willie Style

The NFL games don’t start until later on Sunday so we’ve got a full slate of Big East games to keep us occupied over the course of the weekend. Here’s some selections:

Seton Hall will knock of Rutgers in the battle of the Garden State teams. Seton Hall will also cover the 6.5 points they are favored by.

Syracuse will win at home in the dome against Villanova and cover as well. I see greater than a 5 point victory here for the Orange.

St. John’s will get another home victory against another tough opponent. This time, the Bearcats will be their victims. the Red Storm should win by more than 3 as well.

Pitt will win on the road against DePaul, however, I don’t see the Panthers covering the 15 points that they are favored by.

Louisville will do the same at Providence. But I’d take Providence to keep it closer than 7 points.

Notre Dame will get some revenge against Marquette at home in South Bend, and they’ll win by more than the 3 points they are favored by.

Sundays only game will be an easy one for the Mountaineers against the Bulls.