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November 25, 2010 10:12 am by Coach O

Having watched the three games in Maui, I have come to a few conclusions…..

1) UConn is once again fun to watch. They play with great intensity and appear to be having a great time on the court. During the past three or so seasons they always looked like they were just going through the motions. Maybe the bad chemistry players are now gone. Walker and Oriakhi totally dominated two top 10 teams.

2) They will lose some they should win this year. That’s just the product of youth. With Walker being a junior and Oriakhi a sophomore, the rest of the cast are all freshmen. If they play as hard as they have so far, there will be games when Kemba won’t be so hot or Oriakhi will be doubled down low. Then it will be up to Smith, Lamb, Giffey and Napier to carry the team. But as we have seen already, they will definitely win some that they were thought to have no chance when the season began.

3) Kemba Walker is a big time player. With the influence of Dyson et al we were robbed of seeing the real Walker last season. And they have allowed Oriakhi to become a dominant big man who has destroyed some pretty good front lines in Hawaii.

4) We are really going to enjoy watching these Husky pups grow up for the next few years!

Taking a Stab at Big East Pigskin Pick’em

November 6, 2010 11:56 am by Big Willie Style

As hoops season draws excitingly close, I thought I’d warm up the pick’em engine by trying my luck at this saturday’s slate of football games. While my knowledge base is far superior on the hardcourt, let’s see how it goes!

Louisville will start the day with an upset of Syracuse in the dome.

That’s it???? Only one lousy game today??? Are you kidding me?

Can’t wait for hoops season to start. Preseason favorite Pittsburgh opens Monday against Rhode Island. Look for our hoops preview coming soon!

Big East Expansion? UCF is the way to go.

November 3, 2010 9:50 pm by Big Willie Style

Considering expanding the Big East for football is inevitable, there are many reasons why the Big East needs to make the right choice, and TCU is NOT it. TCU has been a hot football team of late, however, this can go away as easily as other schools and can build a program. The case has been made for TCU that it will bring the Big East a Texas market. If you honestly think that TCU joining the Big East will make Texas kids feel differently about the Big East, then you need a reality check. In Texas, it’s the Big 12, then the SEC, then….wait are there other conferences? TCU joining the conference will not add any significant football players to other Big East schools from the state of Texas. The Big East is a regional conference in football, and TCU will not change that. Furthermore, TCU joining the conference will make a geographical mockery of the league, and push towards the eventually breakup that we all fear. Adding TCU will be the straw that, well, breaks the Big East’s back. It will be the move that proves to us all that the old Big East is finally dead, especially if the Horned Frogs are to join in all sports. Let TCU go where it belongs, to the Big 12, who will want them eventually. I’m sure TCU is a fine institution, but this makes no sense, and it is narrow-minded thinking if this is the route that the conference goes. You have to look to the future, and while TCU has had a few hot seasons of late, the future lies somewhere else. Say, in Orlando, Florida.

The University of Central Florida has grown to become one of the largest universities in the nation. As a newer institution, it’s facilities are as impressive as its ever changing campus. While UCF’s football program has been inconsistent at best, the potential of this university is astronomical. UCF sits smack dab in the middle of a major untapped market for high school players. Most Orlando based high school athletes make the trip north towards either Gainesville or Tallahassee. However, installing the natural rivalry of USF-UCF will create a buzz all along the I-4 corridor. Together, UCF and USF can work to take many of these talented athletes from schools like Miami, FSU or Florida. Big East football can certainly grow through the partnership of USF and UCF. South Florida has already had success as a Big East member, and the addition of a natural rival in football will create a buzz all around the area that will catapult both university towards the levels of the Big 3 football institutions in the Sunshine State. UCF possesses a student body shadowing the size of an Ohio State, and excitement of a modern university that is home to a new medical school, a highly rated hospitality school, and several brand new athletic facilities including new football and basketball stadiums within the last 5 years. Orlando, a major market, is dominated by this university, and its potential is overwhelming. If the Big East is looking towards the future, then UCF is the only choice.