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Calipari?? Pitino?? Woh is Kentucky!!

August 26, 2009 10:41 am by Coach O

With recent revelations about Rick Pitino coming out, he joins John Calipari as both coaches are under fire for their actions. Although Pitino’s situation has nothing to do with UL basketball, he is being scrutinized for his clause on moral behavior in his contract with the Cards.

Calipari, on the other hand has had his 2nd final four appearance invalidated by the NCAA. he is the only coach in the NCAA to have two different programs penalized, losing Final Four seasons for breaking the rules. While it’s obvious that he may be a wonderful coach, he does it in any way possible, within and without the boundaries of NCAA procedures. UK fans have to hope that if Calipari makes it to the Final Four with the Cats he won’t have it erased as he has with both UMass and Memphis.