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Halfway Through

February 4, 2009 9:50 pm by Coach O

It is becoming clear that the Big East looks to get 7 or 8 teams into the NCAA tourney. Connecticut, Pitt, Marquette, Syracuse, Louisville are locked in. Villanova and West Virginia are in position to move into the group. Cincinnati and Providence will need a collapse by someone to get in.

Notre Dame is the biggest failure this season. They may struggle to make the NIT. Georgetown will go NIT too.

The biggest surprise thus far has got to be the Friars. At 6-3 they sit right behind Pitt in the standings.

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donald wrote a comment on February 5, 2009

Notre Dame is a shock. It’s pretty evident that their downfall is their defense — they just can’t stop anybody. But for the sake of the Big East, I hope they go to UCLA this weekend and absolutely whoop up on the Bruins. It would prove that the Big East is really that difficult, a point that, while stressed quite a bit, many people often doubt. If the Irish can go in there and dominate, they will show two things: (a) that they can beat a ranked UCLA team on the road, (b) that their losses really point to their schedule difficulty. It’s a HUGE game for the league and for the Irish.

Did you see Clemson crush Duke 74-47 last night? Two amazing stats: first time Clemson has beat Duke at Clemson since 1997, and this was Duke’s worst loss since 1998. How do I know I’m as big of a Duke hater as they come? The huge smile on my face as Coach K did his postgame press conference.

Rich wrote a comment on February 5, 2009

I agree with you on all but Villanova they have 10th rated RPI (which is better than both Marquette and the Ville) and 23rd rated SOS. As of now they are a lock.

Coach O wrote a comment on February 5, 2009

I think Nova may be a lock too. The next couple weeks will finish the sorting out. As for ND….. I said early this year that if a team locks down McAlarney the Irish would be beatable. That’s what all opponents are doing. They dont allow KMac to get open looks and the rest of the team only looks to Harangody. One player cannot win games in this league. As for their defense, not much can be said because not much is going on! No defense and one threat = loss.

Robert Ferringo wrote a comment on February 6, 2009


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(And my take is that the Beast has seven right now, with a shot at 8 and a max of 9. But so much is going to depend on what happens in the mid-major tournaments and whether or not a league like the Mountain West gets two or three.)

donald wrote a comment on February 6, 2009

Could you email us at and tell us a bit more?