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I realize it’s winter…but long sleeves?

January 25, 2009 12:59 pm by Mister D

The windchill factor outside today is 4 degrees Farenheit.

Looking at Oklahoma’s Tony Crocker, you’d think it was that cold in the arena.

The junior guard has garnered a good deal of attention on the blogosphere (Vent About Sports, Sports Illustrated) because of the white, long-sleeved undershirt he wears beneath his jersey.

Tony Crocker wearing a long sleeved undershirt, drives to the hoop.

Citing a “condition that slows his ability to stay warm,” Crocker has been wearing the long sleeves for a majority of the season. Perhaps Crocker does have a medical condition. Hyper-cooling of the human body could be caused by a metabolic deficiency, nutrition imbalance, or something else entirely. But whatever the cause, I’m surprised we haven’t heard anything from the NCAA brass regarding a waiver, as Crocker’s undershirt choice is a clear violation of NCAA rules.

Rule 3, Section 5, Article 11 of the official NCAA basketball rules states that while an “undershirt is considered part of the game jersey” it must conform to certain guidelines, including the provision that “both sleeves shall be of the same length and not extend beyond the elbows.”

This rule begs a few questions, not the least of which is: why did the NCAA promulgate a rule like this in the first place? Do they believe that wearing a long-sleeved undershirt created some kind of unfair advantage and therefore they sought to ban the practice? Could it be that Crocker, who in his first 10 games this season averaged 7.9 ppg, and in his last 10 averaged 13.3 ppg, is somehow benefiting unjustly?

I certainly doubt it. I really can’t think of any reason why a long-sleeved undershirt would enhance a player’s performance.

But maybe you can…

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One Response to “I realize it’s winter…but long sleeves?”

donald wrote a comment on January 25, 2009

Here’s one reason — refs tend to call fouls when players grab at each other’s jerseys. If he’s wearing a long-sleeve t-shirt, maybe he gets more grabs or calls for inadvertent grabs?