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Syracuse or Georgetown?

December 30, 2008 10:57 pm by Big Willie Style

Both had impressive wins to start the Big East season. After the Hoyas dismantled #2 UConn the other night, the Orange fouled it up with an impressive 24 point victory against Seton Hall. While the Pirates are not as impressive as the Huskies, they’re not a total scrub, and have already defeated Virginia Tech and nationally ranked USC so far this year.

While most will be impressed with the Hoyas “upset” (although some disagree), give me the Orange right now. Routins scored 26 points, including 7-10 3 point shooting, and Devendorf had 20 himself. Don’t get me wrong, this is real close, but it’s always fun to compare the Orange and Hoyas. And for now, I think Syracuse has had the slightly more impressive start. As a bonus, we get to see this classic matchup in just about 15 days.

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3 Responses to “Syracuse or Georgetown?”

donald wrote a comment on December 31, 2008

Georgetown, hands down.

Rautins is Canadian and Devendorf punches women.

Coach O wrote a comment on December 31, 2008

I agree. Devendorf should not be playing. If he was at ND he would be out of school. Georgetown is a better team.

Big Willie Style wrote a comment on December 31, 2008

All good points, but if the Hoyas get behind, I think it’ll be very difficult for them to mount a come back.