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Thursday Thoughts

January 31, 2008 9:43 pm by Coach O

Taking a leaf from Big Willie Style’s post last week….. here goes:

Luke Harangody right now is the Big East Player of the Year. Hands down! Just watched him score 32 on PC and make the 2 free throws that tied the game in regulation and sent it to OT where ND finally got their scoring touch back. PC can shoot the 3′s from halfcourt or maybe farther and started to late in the game but Coach Brey’s boys used dribble penetration and Haragody’s strength to take charge and win the game extending their home win streak to 32.

UConn can win without the Dyson. Both Wiggins and Dyson are tied now with 2 failed drug tests each. They will definitely set a Big East record for failed tests by the time they are seniors if either make it that far. Both being Sophs, it may be best for the Huskies to sit them on the pines and let Stanley Robinson and A.J. Price shine. The team is much better chemistry wise with Dyson in his dorm room.

Georgetown can destroy an opponent. After so many close wins the Hoyas made St. John’s look like a HS JVteam last night.

WVU cannot win when going 1-22 from 3-point land. I was watching the UC-WVU game and couldn’t believe the shooting futility of the ‘Neers. 1-22 from three and not much better from close range. A team can’t shoot 20% in a Big East game and break the 40 point mark.

THIS IS A CRAZY – TYPICAL BIG EAST SEASON. Never seen anything like this. EVER!. Not since last year….. and we won’t see another crazy, topsy-turvy season in the BE for a long time— probably not till next year! What a league!!!! By far, the best, most entertaining and unpredictable league in the USA!


Your typical sports “good-guy” story

January 30, 2008 10:32 am by donald

But it’s a good one. How can you dislike Jonathan Wallace? He was essentially unrecruited out of high school and was a walk-on his freshman year at Georgetown. And look at him now — most active starts among all Division I players at 121, accepted to Georgetown law, etc. Joe Alexander, I think I’ve found your match.


January 28, 2008 5:48 pm by Big Willie Style

Huge, huge game tonight!

If the Huskies win, they’re going to be right in the mix for the top of the Big East table, they’ll likely jump into the Top 25, draw more National attention after another National television win and make it very, very difficult on any selection committee to not put them in, especially considering this game will again be played without Dyson and Wiggins.

However, if the Cardinals can win, they’ll stake they’re claim as the top contender to Georgetown, get an important road victory against a hot opponent, garner more National Attention after a Nationally televise road victory and pretty much assure themselves of an NCAA bid.

Considering UConn’s two guys are out, it obviously hurts their chances. But even more importantly, it hurts them even more that this game is being played in Hartford and not Storrs. If the game were played at Gampel, I would feel very, very confidently that Huskies would win convincingly, but instead they have to play at the Hartford Civic Center, which may be the least home court advantage of any of the perennial National powers. Still, I like what the Huskies are doing. Thabeet and Adrien can certainly hold their own against the Louisville big men, and so I think it’ll come down to the guards. And something keeps hinting at me that they can pull this game out. I think it’ll be played with 5 points either way, with the better free throw shooting team pulling it out. Conventional wisdom tells me that Louisville will win this close one. I’ve gone back and forth on this, but give me Louisville by 2, and I think if it were played in Storrs, then the Huskies would win by 10.

The Mountain Top, UConn, and Big East Pranksters

January 27, 2008 11:33 am by donald
  • Say hello to The Mountain Top, which covers West Virginia basketball (It’s the first blog I know about that covers West Virginia — have there been others?). The guys (or gals) over there do a good job in summarizing the WVU-Georgetown game last night. What a game it was — it came down to Da’Sean Butler driving the baseline and putting up a shot which Patrick Ewing Jr. blocked/goaltended, thus securing the Georgetown win. Check out the highlights and judge the call for yourself:

    (I have to give major props to ESPN for realizing that they could never fight sports bloggers recording their content and putting it up. Their new web video player, and the ability to embed it in any page is dope. They in turn get way more control than before– they control what content gets showed, maintain their branding, and know exactly which bloggers are doing this. Brilliant move, guys.)

  • UConn!!!!!! Calhoun sums up the gigantic win:

    “To do what we did is certainly the greatest I’ve had and it’s going to get up there since the national championship team beat Georgia Tech,” he said. “Quite frankly, they deserve more than a hug from me. They deserve one from the state of Connecticut, from the university, from our fans.”

  • Check this out. Apparently some prank callers got a handle of the weekly Big East media conference call number/passcode. Normally, journalists ask questions to the coaches in the league. This past week, the prank callers asked questions about the sexual relations between the students and players. The link has the audio of the call, which is slightly amusing.

Say it ain’t so, Joe

January 26, 2008 2:01 am by donald

Joe, you’ve broken my heart.

Last year, you had me at “College major: Computer Science.” I was damn impressed — you were likely only a handful of Division I college basketball players majoring in Computer Science. You were a geek, but also a major stud on the court. And look at your tastes:

Favorite Television Show: Anything on the Discovery Channel
Favorite Song: Canon in D-Minor
Favorite Class: Introduction to Programming, 10th Grade, Hong Kong International School
Best thing about my major: That my kids some day won’t be more computer literate than I am.
Favorite Food: Mangoes

You’re not a bad looking guy, either.


If I had a daughter, I’d want you to marry her. If I were gay, I’d want to marry you.

You’ve had a great season so far. So this past week, I thought I’d check up on you. You can just imagine how heartbroken I was when I saw this in the 2007-2008 West Virginia player profiles:

Joe Alexander…majoring in athletic coaching education…

I don’t love you as much anymore, but I understand the change. It’s not easy being a student-athlete. I still give you major props for being a Big East Academic All Star. But you broke my heart, dude.

Good luck against Georgetown tomorrow — I’ve been looking forward to this game all season. I for one want to see if you Mountaineers are for real. You’re second in the Big East, but besides the win against Marquette (who hasn’t been looking very good lately), you’re mostly unproven. Let’s see what you’ve got.