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Big East Tournament Seedings

February 9, 2007 7:54 pm by Coach O

Well, here we are more than halfway through the Big East Season and thoughts are turning to who gets a bye, who stays home etc. I looked over the field, their schedules left and saw what I think will be the way it will shake out.

Seed #1. Pittsburgh (14-2) Pitt will go through the rest of the season pretty easily with one loss at Georgetown. Wins- Providence, Louisville, @Seton Hall, West Virginia and @ Marquette.  Losses- @ Georgetown.  Key Games-At Marquette and at Georgetown. If Pitt were to lose both games they may just end up a 2 or 3 seed.

Seed #2 – Georgetown (12-4) Georgetown should be ok going 5-2 for the rest of the season. Wins- Pittsburgh, Marquette, West Virginia, @ Cincinnati, UConn. Losses- @ Villanova, @ Syracuse. Key Games- Pittsburgh and Marquette (both at home).

Seed #3 – Marquette (12-4) This is a tough call but losing at Georgetown will give the Eagles the #3 seed in head-to-head. Wins- @ DePaul, Louisville, Villanova, @ Notre Dame. Losses- Pittsburgh, @ Georgetown. Key Games – Pitt and @ Georgetown.

Seed #4 – Notre Dame (10-6) This team could drop all the way to #8 if they can’t compete on the road. If you look up Road Kill in the dictionary you will find the ND team picture. Wins -Providence, @Cincinnati, DePaul, @ Rutgers. Losses – Marquette. Key Games -Anyone on the road.

Seed #5 – Louisville (9-7) By going 2-1 in the mini conference the Cards will get the 5 seed. Wins – USF, St. John’s, Seton Hall. Losses – @ Pittsburgh, @ Marquette, @ UConn. Key Games - at UConn. A win here might get them a bye on Wednesday.

Seed #6 – Villanova (9-7) Under the mini conference rule Nova will be the 6 seed by going 3-2. Wins – Georgetown, @ Seton Hall, Cincinnati, Rutgers, Syracuse. Losses – @ Marquette, @ UConn. Key Games – Nova must hold serve at home and could possibly knock off UConn.

Seed #7 – Providence (9-7) Providence will go 2-2 in mini conference, losing to both Nova and Louisville. Wins – Syracuse, St. John’s, West Virginia, @ USF. Losses – @ Pittsburgh, @ Notre Dame, @ St. John’s. Key Games – If the Friars can pick a couple off @ ND and @ St. John’s they could move into the top 4.

Seed #8 – West Virginia (9-7) The Mountaineers will go 1-1 in the mini conference and the loss to Nova will drop them to an 8 seed. Tough away schedule won’t help. Wins – Seton Hall, Cincinnati. Losses – @ Pittsburgh, @ Georgetown, @ Providence. Key Games – WVU must take care of business and look to win at Providence.

Seed #9 – Syracuse (9-7) Fading fast, the Orange will Surprise Georgetown in a rivalry game in the dome. Wins – Georgetown, UConn, St. John’s, @ USF. Losses – @ Villanova, @ Providence. Key Games – The Orange are capable of beating both Nova and Providence but could also lose again to UConn.

Seed #10 – UConn (8-8) The Huskies are gaining confidence with a 2 game win streak but the talent level is not on a par with teams above them. Wins – Villanova, Seton Hall, @ Rutgers, Louisville. Losses - @ Georgetown, @ Syracuse. Key Games – Villanova and Louisville are almost MUST wins for the Huskies because I don’t think they can beat SU twice.

Seed # 11 – DePaul (7-9) Wins against #4 ND and #6 Villanova will boost DePaul over St. John’s into 11 seed. The loss to USF will knock the Demons down. Wins- Cincinnati, USF. Losses- Marquette, @ Notre Dame, @ USF. Key Games – The Demons should win @ USF and they can beat Notre Dame if the Irish play like last night against them.

Seed #12 – St. John’s (7-9) Wins over #4 ND and #7 Providence will not be enough to over DePaul. Wins- Providence, Rutgers. Losses – @ Louisville, @ Syracuse, @ Providence. Key Games – Winning one against Providence is the key. No way they beat Syracuse twice this year.

 #13- Seton Hall (4-12) Not going! The Hall will lose 6 of their last 7 to eliminate them from MSG. Wins- USF. Losses – Pittsburgh, Villanova, @ West Virginia, @ UConn, @ Louisville, @ Cincinnati.Key Games - Don’t see the Hall winning in any of their remaing games and could lose to USF.

#14 – USF (4-12) A tough Loss to Seton Hall will drop USF to #14 and keep them in tampa in March. Wins – DePaul. Losses – @ Louisville, Syracuse, Providence, @ DePaul, @ Seton Hall. Key Games – Can USF win one against DePaul? Won’t matter for seeding anyway.

#15 – Cincinnati (3-13) This team deserves a lot of credit for being competitive despite having no bench at all. Wins – Seton Hall, @ Rutgers. Losses – Georgetown, @ Villanova, Notre Dame, @ West Virginia, @ DePaul. Key Games – Both wins above are key. Foul shooting could doom this team to 1-15 though.

#16 – Rutgers (2-14) The Knights will not win again in Big East games. Wins – none. Losses – @ Villanova, Notre Dame, UConn, @ St. John’s, Cincinnati. Key Games – Maybe a win against UConn or ND will salvage a horrible season.

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3 Responses to “Big East Tournament Seedings”

Todd wrote a comment on February 27, 2007

Who wins the reg-saeson title if G-Town and Pitt win ther last game? What is the tiebreaker to determine top seed in thr BE Tourney? Thanks.


Coach O wrote a comment on February 28, 2007

IF Pitt and G-Town both win their final game and finish in a tie for 1st place, G-Town is the #1 seed and Pitt is #2.

They split their season meetings so you go to the next team which right now is Louisville. G’Town beat Louisville and Pitt lost to Louisville. That’s how it looks right now.

Todd wrote a comment on March 1, 2007