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Big East Tournament Pick ‘em

February 28, 2007 7:27 pm by Big Willie Style

Can’t wait for the NCAAs? Yea, neither can we.  Check back Sunday night for Big East Tourney pick ‘em.  It’s not going to be anything fancy, and it won’t even offer a cash reward!!!  Excited yet??

This year’s the first year we’re doing this, so it’s going to be all about the pride.  So tell you friends and neighbors, and maybe even your enemies to check back Sunday evening and we’ll have a bracket for you to make your picks. 

Big East Tiebreaker: Georgetown’s got it

12:46 pm by donald

Todd asks:

Who wins the regular season title if Georgetown and Pittsburgh win their last game? What is the tiebreaker to determine top seed in the Big East Tournament?

The official tiebreaker rules are a bit confusing, so we’ll break it down for you here at

If the Hoyas and Panthers both win their last game, they’ll have the same regular season record at 13-3. The rules say we have to look next at head-to-head matchups. Here, they’re tied as well. Pittsburgh beat Georgetown on 1/13 and Georgetown beat Pittsburgh on 2/24.

Now it gets tricky. Basically, the rules say to see whether Pitt or Georgetown had a better showing against the better competition. Technically, this is what that means: we look down the Big East standings and consider Georgetown and Pittsburgh’s records versus the team (or teams) that occupy the next spot (and keep on proceeding if we still can’t break a tie). Let’s call that team(s) A. The rules to break a tie are:

  1. If G’town and Pitt have both played the same number of games against A, the team with the better winning percentage prevails.
  2. If G’town and Pitt have played a different number of games against A, the team with the better record prevails only if the team with the fewer number of games against A could not equal the same record as the team with more games against A if they played more games.
    • Example 1: Pitt is 0-2 vs. A, while Georgetown is 0-0 vs. A. Even though Georgetown has a better record against A, if they played two more games against A, they could end up at 0-2. So better record does not prevail here.
    • Example 2: Pitt is 2-1 vs. A, while Georgetown is 1-3 vs. A. Pitt has a better record vs. A, and even if Pitt played another game, they’d still end up with a better record. So better record does prevail here.

    If the tie still isn’t broken after this, we go through the whole thing again (going down the positions in the Big East standings), but just consider better record (2-0 beats 1-0) instead of the rules above, with the exception that no record (0-0) is not considered better than anything (0-1, for instance). After that…coin flip.

What does that mean for the games tonight, Saturday, and Sunday? If Louisville stays in third place (and they play Seton Hall, so I think they will), and Georgetown and Pitt both win on Saturday, Georgetown will have the tie breaker. Georgetown is 1-0 vs. Louisville, while Pittsburgh is 0-1 vs. Louisville — same number of games, better record prevails. Now, if Louisville loses to Seton Hall, it gets a lot more complicated….but it turns out that Georgetown will still have the tie breaker. Roughly, this occurs because Louisville needs to end up with the same record as Syracuse, since G’town and Pitt have the same record against Louisville and Syracuse combined (otherwise, G’town wins the tiebreaker due to Louisville, even if Louisvile ties with ND). But this requires Syracuse to beat Villanova, which leaves Marquette ahead of Villanova in the standings. Pitt lost to Marquette, while Georgetown beat them. QED.

These rules make sense, but honestly, I think there might be a loophole in here somewhere. It’s not easy making these rules watertight, and many leagues have weird playoff structures where losing a game can often get you ahead. Here are two interesting links if you’re interested in these phenomena:

  1. Soccer team advanced in cup match by scoring against itself: Snopes, baby! Basically, the rule said that larger margin victories were better than smaller margin victories. Barbados needed a 2 goal victory, and were only up 1 goal at the time. It turned out that if a team won in overtime, the game would be scored as “2-0″. So Barbados ended up scoring a goal against themselves, winning the overtime and pulling off a 2-0 victory. Now that’s clutch.
  2. All things considered: That’s right, I’m going NPR on your asses. It’s an audio transcript, with the following description:

    Fans looking for high-quality basketball may wish to avoid the game between the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers and Memphis Grizzlies. It’s not the teams’ talent: Both teams are playoff-bound. But in a strange quirk of the NBA post-season, both the Clippers and Grizzlies stand to benefit from losing the game.

Charging the Court

9:14 am by Dan'l B

I initially considered replying to the post concerning the Syracuse-Georgetown game, but instead I’m hoping to get some opinions about this topic without derailing that discussion.

I really can’t stand how old men — in other words, anyone older than the students — harp about college kids charging the court. These kids are in school for a fairly short time, and I think we should either expect them to relish victory fanatically or disdain fanaticism altogether. I vote for the former. Let them live in the moment. Fanaticism is, by definition, irrational.

Cuse Is In The House

February 26, 2007 9:06 pm by Big Willie Style



About three days ago Syracuse was down and out. They were on their way to Providence and their fans were ready to see their team fall to the ranks of the NIT. I doubted them as well, thinking the Friars would take that game, but Nichols’ shot saved the game for the Cuse. I had a feeling about this one against G’town in the Dome, and those of you who read my post from last week know that. Still, though, the Orangemen impressed me. I don’t care if Georgetown is on big game hangover, you can’t play that way in the Dome, especially if you are the Hoyas. Like I’ve said before, I’ve been in the Carrier Dome for a Syracuse-Georgetown game, and after watching that 1997 contest, I said I’d never bet against Cuse over Gtown in that dome again. Once again, Cuse is in the House.

Syracuse is in the NCAA Tournament. I don’t care if they lose to Nova next week and lose to St. John’s in the first round of the BET. They’re in. And for weeks we’ve heard how Villanova is a lock. Watch over the next two or three days on ESPN, and you’ll see all these experts start to change their flavor. “Villanova now needs to beat Syracuse,” they’ll say. The Big East has their top 6 in, and it’ll be up to someone else at MSG to step up and get it done. And you know what, I think if Nova beats the Orange, they may lock down spot number 7, but still, you’ll see the experts start to change their tune about the Wildcats over the next couple of days. And it’s about time, because has been calling that one for weeks now.

Some Thoughts On This Weekend

February 25, 2007 7:06 pm by Big Willie Style

I watched quite a few of the games this weekend, and here’s some quick thoughts, from the top of the league, to the bottom.


Georgetown looked real strong. Whether or not Jeff Green wins the conference MVP, he’s the best player in the league this year. Pitt’s a real good team, even with Gray at 60% or so, and the Hoyas looked real good. They’re the best team in this league.

For the first time all year, Pitt is not the favorite. Perhaps this loss will motivate them. They better be ready this week though, because their trip to Marquette will be more than tough, because if anybody plays more physically than Pitt, it’s the Golden Eagles.

Louisville is a top 15 team. They played without Palacios and probably got UConn’s best game of the year so far, and they still took care of business. Pitino’s offense is incredible.


Notre Dame is on quite a roll. They took a shot off the bat from Marquette and rebounded to easily take the game. Here’s your upset Big East tournament champion.

Marquette plays as hard as anyone I’ve seen in a while. You have to give them credit for that. But they have nothing up front. If they couldn’t stop the Irish up front, how do you think they’ll do against Gtown, Pitt or the ‘Ville?

Syracuse impressed me. I thought they would lose to PC, and they outplayed them in Rhode Island. Nichols is quite a player. The Cuse’s situation has now instantly gone from desperate to “on the brink.” If they can get one win this week, they should be in the dance.

Villanova played Rutgers, so of course they looked good.

Providence had their chance to take a step towards a 10-6 season. But they flat out blew it. Their reward, the NIT.

DePaul played Cincinnati, so of course they looked good.

UConn will give some team a real tough game on Wednesday. Hopefully they can have a good run in the NIT to build momentum for next year, which should be very good.

St. John’s. 10 points in the first half at home! I wish they weren’t making the Big East tournament, because they made our league look bad.